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Not just why, but also how visitors to this part of the world should interact with the indigenous people was the passionate message from Ali. " John Martin St. Valery , Links Group of Companies."          Just wanted to thank Ali for the wonderful tour of the grand mosque in Abu Dhabi. " Margaret and Ronnie Garrow, Abu Dhabi."         We had the privilege to have Ali lead our new faculty and staff on a city tour of Abu Dhabi. " Daniel Hunt, Zayed University , UAE."         Great Tourist Guide & Great Ambassador of his country culture. "Laurence J. Forrest, United kingdom."         I just wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciated all your hard work. "Julia Dietel, Germany."         It was really a marvelous tour and so much of this was due to the cultural ideas, effort and skill that contributed to it. "Sam, Mourice & Martina, South Africa."         Ali, Just a short note to thank you for the fantastic organization of my short business visit to Dubai and Al Ain. " Laila, Spain."         Thank you so much Ali for an outstanding cultural tour and briefing of both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. " Aleta Wenger,Yale University."         At Net Tours, we always invested in the country and its cultural heritage, traditions and natural attractions to let people know what Arabia can offer. "Anwar Abu Monassar, Net Tours Abu Dhabi"        


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